Why live here?

Why should you live in one of the homes for sale in Farmington Hills MI?

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You never HAVE to leave here:  Everything you need is right here within the Farmington and Farmington Hills city limits.  Regular and specialty shopping is available.  There is a charming downtown area, where you and the family can walk and enjoy.  There are all sorts of restaurants.  There are plenty of places of worship for almost any religion.  There are parks and places to play, including a world-class skate park.  There are plenty of jobs within a quick drive.  Most likely, if you want to do it, you can do it within the Farmington or Farmington Hills communities.

Affordable Entry-Level Pricing:  There are plenty of perfect starter homes for people just getting ready to move into a new home for the first time.  Many people never consider moving to Farmington Hills, because they see that the cost of housing is more expensive than where they live.  However, we encourage people to review the monthly payments of (a) the mortgage, (b) the property taxes, (c) homeowners insurance, and (d) automobile insurance.  When all of these costs are factored, many people will be pleasantly surprised how little difference there is with cost yet how much difference there would be with the lifestyle of living in Farmington Hills.

Bargain Luxury Homes:  One of the neatest things about Farmington Hills is the variety of home styles, sizes, and age.  As mentioned within the above point, there are plenty of entry-level homes that have a total monthly cost for less than many expect.  However, there are some beautiful homes that are also found in nearby cities like West Bloomfield, Franklin, and Novi.  However, while these cities offer a lot of beauty, these same homes in Farmington Hills often cost less than they would in these neighboring communities.

Wide Variety of Home Development Types:  Besides a wide selection of homes, there is also a wide variety of housing development types.  There are plenty of subdivision developments that can help you select among a few different styles that are indicative of that particular subdivision providing that nice, safe suburban feel.  There are also places within Farmington Hills that look far removed from the city and offer larger yards, and not all of these places have large homes.  So even people with a limited budget may have more choices than they realize.

Safe Community:  In 2010, according to Wikipedia, Farmington Hills was ranked as the 30th safest city in America.  In 2008, the City of Farmington Hills was listed in the "2008 Safest City Awards," according to the Morgan-Quinto Press.  Farmington Hills was in the Top 10% of all cities tested nationwide.  According to a study in 2006 done by Area Connect, the city had significantly fewer crimes in the following categories:  murders, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, property crimes, burglaries, larceny, and motor vehicle thefts.

Cute Downtown:  Technically, the city of Farmington and the city of Farmington Hills are separate.  However, they work closely together, any many residents do not even know, for sure, where the boundaries of one end for the other to begin.  For residents of either city, Downtown Farmington is cute with several boutiques.  It also has well-known standbys like Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery.  It's tough to walk through downtown on a nice morning without stopping at the Farmington Bakery to grab one of their delicious donuts.  This is not far from the Farmington Historic District, either.

Good Ranking Schools:  While education is largely depending upon the teachers and students involved, there are some things that encourage success consistently.  The student to teacher ratio is one of these.  Surrounding community expectations is another.  The Farmington Public School high schools ranked in the Top 35%, and two of them ranked in the Top 15% of all high schools in the state, according to the rankings at School Digger.  The student to teacher ratio of each of these schools is 18.0 or fewer.  Plus, now they offer the opportunity for students to earn  an International Baccalaureate Programme diploma or certificate, which is a widely recognized program by colleges and universities worldwide.

Great Diversity:  One resident described living in his subdivision as being a part of the United Nations.  While this was an exaggeration, of course, this person had the right idea.  There are over eighty (80) different languages spoken in the families who send their kids to the Farmington Public Schools.  There are over fifty (50) places of worship.  There is the Multicultural Multiracial Community Council (MCMR) that encourages community interaction and cultural education.  There is even House of Worships Tours during Heritage Week that allow people to visit different places of worship to be able to learn without persecution, and this is free.  Plus, there are more than 170 foreign-owned firms located within Farmington Hills.

Business Parks:  Even if you do not work in Farmington Hills, it is always good to have a lot of business close.  Not only does it provide jobs, but businesses help support the city's tax base.  Farmington Hills has the second (2nd) largest business campus in Oakland County.  More than seventy-five (75) Fortune 500 companies have a presence within the city.

Costick Center:  The Costick Center is where you can take your children for physical activities, or you can go yourself.  However, this recreational center offers more than just physical activities.  It houses the Cultural Arts Division, Recreation Division, Senior Adults Division and the Youth & Family Services Program.  It hosts parties and conferences.  This is pretty much an all-purpose social and recreation center.

Less Rush Hour Traffic:  Since Farmington Hills has over 80,000 people and a lot of activity within the city, there is definitely some traffic congestion.  However, several major roads are not throughways; therefore, there tends to be less rush hour traffic in Farmington Hills than in nearby surrounding communities.  For some of the other streets that are uninterrupted within the city limits, there are several that barely begin before the city's boarders.  So these streets are used as throughways by few people.

Convenient Location:  While you never HAVE to leave, Farmington and Farmington Hills are centrally located to so many places.  Farmington Hills is within an hour of Downtown Detroit and Ann Arbor.  It is only a little over an hour from Lansing and Toledo OH.  Plus, there is easy access to major highways, including I-696 (Reuther Fwy), I-275, I-96 (Jeffries Fwy), M-5, M-14, M-10 (The Lodge), and M-39 (Southfield Fwy).  If you are trying to go anywhere, you should be able to get started quickly when you begin your trip in Farmington Hills.  Major freeways are only a short drive from town if they do not actually go through it.