Why Invest here?

Homes for Sale in Farmington Hills MI: Reasons to Invest Here?

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Farmington Hills offers investors a lot of great opportunities.  Overall, Detroit Metro offers a lot of great ways for investors to spend wisely, but let's take a look to see what Farmington Hills MI offers specifically:

Properties for Many Types of Investors: If you are a beginning investor with only a little bit of cash, there are plenty of places that you likely will be able to afford to invest.  However, if you are worried that there is only a little bit of money to be made investing here, check again.  There are plenty of large homes, some of which are new construction while others are hidden gems, where the true money can be made for a property flipping rehabber.  The best part is that since there are plenty of investment properties for you to buy, there are plenty of other buyers when it comes time for you to sell and collect your investment profits.  The variety of investment types creates the potential for you to develop a true investment community.

Stable Property Values: Being located among some of the wealthiest towns in Southeastern Michigan (Farmington Hills is located in Oakland County, one of the most prosperous in Michigan) means that property values stay consistent. At the same time, Farmington Hills remains relatively undiscovered by investors. This means the median price of homes for sale in Farmington Hills, MI is less than $200K. There is a wide variety of houses for sale in Farmington Hills MI from which to choose, with plenty of inventory for investors at every level, beginning and seasoned.

Fantastic Business Environment: Farmington Hills is home to the second largest business campus in the county, second only to nearby Troy. Combined with the town’s central location and easy access to Detroit and Ann Arbor make it a very attractive place for newcomers to the area. Farmington Hills is home to 17 business parks, and more than 75 Fortune 500 companies maintain a presence within town, along with over 170 foreign owned companies. There are over 6,000 businesses located in Farmington Hills, along with a multitude of high-tech and high-end commercial space, making this the ideal place to start up a new business endeavor. Plus, where there are jobs, there are buyers and renters since people need places to live close to where they work.

Great Location: Farmington Hills’ location is perfectly situated. This suburb is nestled among other nice towns with some of the best business opportunities in the area. It offers an easy commute from several top tier colleges in Detroit and Ann Arbor. Farmington Hills might be the best place to invest in flipping, lease option, and rental properties in all of Southeastern Michigan.

Great Recreation: Recreational opportunities abound in Farmington Hills. The local recreation department runs a huge variety of events throughout the year, as well as maintaining top notch facilities. With an aquatic center, golf course, ice arena, and an active after school activity calendar, there's no shortage of things to do in Farmington Hills.

Rejuvenated Downtown Core: The residents of Farmington Hills recently voted to devote public funds to a rejuvenation of the downtown area. This has led to an influx of boutique shops, cafes, restaurants and art galleries. There is an active arts community offering art walks as well as classes and workshops year round. This urban area, in the midst of a town of just over 80,000 makes for an environment that is appealing to a wide variety of residents. This rejuvenation also had the effect of making Farmington surrounding Farmington Hills amongst the safest communities in Oakland County.

Civic Pride: With a very active city council consisting of a Mayor and 6 council members, Farmington Hills residents take pride in their city. The Mayor's Youth Council is a very active group of local youth who work together with groups such as the Multi-Racial Multi-Cultural Commission (MRMC) to encourage volunteerism and ensure that Farmington Hills is a welcoming place for people of all ages and backgrounds.