Farmington Hills MI Subdivisions

Here is a list of (most) of the subdivisions within Farmington Hills MI.

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Zip Code: 48331 (Northwest Farmington Hills MI)

Barrington Green (Farmington Green West)
Briar Hill
Burton Orchards
Chelsea Crossing
Colony Park
Colony Park West
Copperwood East
Copperwood North
Country Oaks (Farmington Green North)
Country Ridge
Crawford Pines
Drake Farm
Dunbar Oaks
Essex Club
The Fairways of Copper Creek
Farmington Brook
Farmington Glens
Farmington Green
Farmington Grove
Farmington Green North (Country Oaks)
Farmington Green West (Barrington Green)
Farmington Ridge
The Forest at Hunter's Pointe
Forestbrook Estates
The Glens of Copper Creek
Guy R Pooley (Orchard Meadows)
Halsted Commons (Halsted Forest)
Halsted  Estates (Wintergreen)
Halsted Forest (Halsted Commons)
Halsted Hills
Halsted Hollow
Heritage Hills (Rolling Oaks-Heritage Hills)
The Hills of Copper Creek
Hunter's Pointe (Hunters Pointe)
Hunters Pointe (Hunter's Pointe)
Hunters Pointe Colony
King's Pointe (Rolling Oaks-King's Pointe)
Koch Estates
Legacy Oaks
Marion Estates
Muer Cove Estates
Naples Ct Sub
Oak Hill Estates
Old Homestead East (Old Homestead Sub No. 1)
Old Homestead Sub (Old Homestead West)
Old Homestead Sub No. 1 (Old Homestead East)
Old Homestead West (Old Homestead Sub)
Orchard Meadows (Guy R Pooley)
Oxford Estates
Paramount Estates II
Pleasant Valley Farms
Quaker Valley Farms
Ramble Hills
Ramblewood Club
Ramblewood Forest
Ramblewood Forest Estates
Ramblewood Lake Estates
Ramblewood Manor Homes
Rolling Oaks (Heritage Hills)
Rolling Oaks (King's Pointe)
Rolling Oaks West
Schroeder's Farm Sub
Secluded Lane
Stoneridge Estates
Stratton Hills Estates
Sudbury Woods North
Sudbury Woods South
Three Oaks (Willowbrook Commons)
Walnut Hills
Wedgewood Commons
Whispering Woods Estates
Willowbrook Commons (Three Oaks)
Wintergreen (Halsted Estates)
Woodland Trails
The Woods of Copper Creek

Zip Code: 48334 (Northeast Farmington Hills MI)

Brook Hill Estates (Brookhill Estates)
Brookhill Estates (Brook Hill Estates)
Camelot Courts
Canterbury Commons
Canterbury West
Crestwood Meadows
Duke's Forestbrook Hills (Forestbrook/Pebblebrook Estates)
Enclave of Heatherwood
Fairgreens Hills
Farm Meadows
Farmington Heights
Forest at Orchard Lake
Forestbrook Hills (Duke's Forestbrook Hills, Forestbrook/Pebblebrook Estates)
Franklin Fairway
Franklin Forest
Franklin Knolls
Golf Lake Hills
Guy R Pooley Sub (Orchard Meadows)
Hickory Oaks
Holly Hill Farms
Hunter's Ridge
LaMuera (Springland/LaMuera)
Oakland Hills Orchards
Olde Franklin Towne
Orchard Meadows (Guy R Pooley Sub)
Orchard West
Park Hill
Passadena Park
Pebblebrook Estates (Forestbrook/Pebblebrook Estates)
The Reserve at Woodcreek
Springland (Springland/LaMuera)
Supervisor's Muer Estates
Supervisor's Plat of Forest Hills
Supervisor's Plat of West Franklin Estates (West Franklin Estates)
Supervisor's Plat of Wood Creek Farms
West Franklin Estates (Supervisor's Plat of West Franklin Estates)
West Gate Franklin Village
Westbrooke Manor
Woodcreek (Woodcreek Hills)
Woodcreek Hills (Woodcreek)
Woodstream Farms

Zip Code: 48335 (Southwest Farmington Hills MI)

Apple Brooke (Applebrooke)
Applebrooke (Apple Brooke)
Beachwood Estates
Carroll Farms
Crosman & Marquis
Diamond Oaks
Farmington Hillcrest
Farmington Hills Hunt Club
Farmington Square (Meadowglen)
Frendt's Hilldale
Green Hill Pines
Green Hill (Green Hill Commons)
Green Hill Commons (Green Hill)
Green Hill Woods
Green Hill Woods II
Green Valley Estates
Halsted Hollow
Heather Hills
Heritage Village Condos
Heritage Village-Farmington Square
Hill View
Independence Commons
Independence Hills
Kuznar Site Condo
Meadowglen (Farmington Square)
Normandy Hills
Supervisor's Sub No. 8

Zip Code: 48336 (Southeast Farmington Hills MI)

Arbor Oaks
Arbor Park
Acorn Valley
BG Wesley's Sub
Barbizon Estates (Pines of Farmington Hills)
Bridle Hills Estates
Brookside Park
Churchill Estates
Country Corners 
East Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire East)
Farmington Hills Sub
Forest Park (Villa-Capri)
Foxmoor (Irv Wilcove Estates)
Franklyn Ravine
Glen Orchard
Grand River Crest (Olde Town)
Grand River Heights
Grand River Homes Sub
The Hamlet (Sinacola Woods)
Irv Wilcove Estates (Foxmoor)
Kimberly Gardens
Krave's Grand River Heights
Lincolnshire Estates
Lincolnshire East (East Lincolnshire)
Meadowbrook Heights
Miller's Roughment Farm Sub
Old Farm Colony
Olde Town (Grand River Crest)
Pine Creek (Pinecreek)
Pine Meadow
Pinebrook Estates
Pinecreek (Pine Creek)
Pines of Farmington Hills (Barbizon Estates)
Regal Orchards
Richland Gardens
Riverwalk of Farmington Hills
Royal Orchards
Sinacola Woods (The Hamlet)
Staman Acres
Stone Creek
Tarabussi Grand River Gardens
Timber Creek
Villa-Capri (Forest Park)
Waddell-Wilcox-Rymal Company's Kemberton Park
Warner's Woodland View
Woodland Acres

Zip Code: 48167 (Northville Mailing Address - Farmington Hills MI)

Meadowbrook Forest
Meadowbrook Forest East
Meadowbrook Hills
Meadowbrook Park
Meadowbrook Woods
Meadowhills Estates 
Preserve of Meadowbrook

Note:  These subdivisions have a Northville Mailing address, but they are part of the city of Farmington Hills MI and go to Farmington Schools.