Homes for Sale in Farmington Hills MI: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: Who are our customers?

A: Our customers are buyers, who are people who are looking to buy a home and live in Farmington Hills.

We also have customers who want to buy Farmington Hills property for their investment portfolio.

Q: What benefits will the customer get from our service?

A: Our customers benefit from reduced stress, as we are experts and provide one location to handle all of the steps they will need to take.

They also benefit from local expertise and get the right step-by-step guidance.

Most Investors stand to make more money working with us than by themselves.

Q: Why would someone be interested in our service?

A: Home buyers like us, because we make the house buying process easy for them. Plus, we know the Farmington Hills area really well.

Investors like us, because we provide good guidance, access to great inventory, and, most importantly, provide realistic Plan A (sell now), Plan B (lease option), and Plan C (rent) exit strategies.

Q: What is the cost of NOT using our service?

A: For some people, none, but for most people...

Stress for Buyers: Many home buyers get overwhelmed with the home buying process, especially finding the right home, getting financing, and negotiating with the seller.

Stress for Investors: Many investors want to make money but do not fully know how to do it. Even the ones that know what they are doing get nervous, because they do not know how to find a buyer or renter. They lose peace of mind when they don’t have the type of clear exit strategy that we provide.

Increased Holding Costs for Investors: Many investors also have trouble getting their own repair crews, so their repairs take longer.

Failed Inspections: If you do not know what the city requires, you can easily fail a city inspection, costing you money in fines and increased holding times from not knowing any better.

Reduced Renter Market: Without our help, it is also easy to fail Section 8 inspections, keeping Section 8 tenants from renting from you. Section 8 tenants provide a government-backed source of income for many investors. We know what it takes to pass these inspections and have a great track record with this.

Q: Why are you located in Plymouth instead of Farmington Hills?

A: Joe Hejka (the real estate agent) lives in Farmington Hills.  His broker (Keller Williams - Plymouth Market Center) is stationed in Plymouth, which is not from Farmington Hills.  This allows Joe to take advantage of top-notch resources of the over Keller Williams name, but this specific office offers its agents the best training and support to make certain that each customer is handled properly.  Joe Hejka knows Farmington Hills really well since he does not just reside there, he is involved with several things within the city and actually lives his life in Farmington Hills.