Downtown Farmington

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Downtown Farmington is cute and charming--just the way that you would envision a small town downtown.  Part of the much larger Farmington Hills, Farmington is small only in the way it feels.

Once you park, so many things are within walking distance.  Grand River Avenue is the "Main" street, but the major intersection is Grand River Avenue and Farmington Road.

There are a lot of places to eat with lots of different types of food.  Don't worry, though.  There are still plenty of recognizable places, like Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery.  There is a small but delicious bakery, too.

What downtown would be complete without plenty of places to shop.  Downtown Farmington offers plenty of novelty shops, but it also has TJ Maxx and a dollar store.  So there really is something for everyone.

There's even an old-time movie theater.  The landmark Farmington Civic Theater is one of the few old-fashioned movie houses still in operation in the region.

If you want to enjoy downtown but don't have any money, you're in luck.  It's a perfect place to walk.  Although, some parts of the year make it more perfect than others.

Below is a picture of Downtown Farmington Michigan.  If you would like to see a video, you will see a couple of people walking you through their tour of what it offers.

While technically, downtown is separate from Farmington Hills, they work very closely together. The City of Farmington (including downtown) is nearly entirely surrounded by Farmington Hills.

The downtown area was founded over 180 years ago.  It has come a long way to become a hub of commercial activity along Grand River Avenue while still maintaining its charm.