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There are great homes for sale in Farmington Hills MI. Why not work with a group that helps you find the right one for you?

Why is it the right time to buy?

Prices are low. You've always heard that you buy low and sell high. That could be a good enough reason.

Why is it the right time to buy in Farmington Hills?

Truthfully, it's always a good time to buy in "The Hills." It's a safe community with a lot of beautiful parks. The school system is excellent.

If you are moving from Detroit, it keeps you close to what you know while still getting the benefits of this top-notch suburb.

If you move north a little more, it gives you a chance to live the West Bloomfield lifestyle at Farmington Hills prices. There really are some pretty areas here.

Why should you buy a Farmington Hills home through My First Michigan Home?

Homes for Sale in Farmington Hills MI: Save Money, Time, and Stress!

Farmington Hills Local Area Expert: The owner is a local area expert. He owned a business in Farmington Hills. His daughter goes to Farmington Hills schools. He’s lived in Farmington Hills for over ten (10) years.

One Stop Shop for Farmington Hills Home Buyers: The owner has real estate and mortgage experience. So he understands different down payment programs that will fit your needs and make it easier to afford the money you need to begin buying your home. He also has easy access to different mortgage brokers, making it easier for you to obtain the money that you need to purchase the home. Plus, he knows the area and can guide you to meet your needs within town. If you have credit difficulties, we can even arrange to help you lease a home with an option to buy it later when you can qualify for financing.

One Stop Shop for Farmington Hills Investors: The owner has bought and sold over 150 properties. So he has access to properties and buyers, marrying investors with the right property. The company provides a haven for property wholesalers. It also gives landlords opportunities to find a discounted property that needs just a little bit of touchup (maybe new carpet and paint) at a discount to acquire a passive income investment with a good ROI. It also provides rehabbing investors (a.k.a. property flippers) a chance to print money via buying a home on a deep discount. Rehabbing is less stressful through us since we can even provide these investors access to construction crews that finish work on time, reliably, and still be able to afford it. We will even help them find renters (via our Section 8 Pros sister company) or buyers. So your exit plan is covered, either way.

Homes for sale in Farmington Hills MI are available for home dwellers and investors, alike.

We serve Farmington Hills and Farmington Zip Codes: 48331, 48334, 48335, 48336, and 48167.

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